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Senior Pastor

We are seeking a full time Senior Pastor to lead us into our next period of church growth. The pastor is required to nurture the present congregation with solid biblical teaching, preaching and spiritual counselling. The candidate should have strong relational and administrative skills. We expect the pastor to have leadership ability and to help mold a vision for expansion of the gospel in our local community to make disciples.

Licensure and ordination with the Brethren in Christ denomination is strongly preferred. Candidate must be willing to submit themselves to this process if they do not currently hold these credentials.

To apply and/or find out further information, contact [email protected].


To provide spiritual leadership and care to the West Side congregation working with congregational leadership to provide vision, direction, and administration.


1.     Standards for elders (1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:7-16).

2.     Clear testimony of faith in Christ.

3.     Gifts for effective leadership.

4.     Accept Bible as Word of God and authoritative for life and practice.

5.     Meet standards for Pastors in the BIC Manual of Doctrine and Government.

6.     Demonstrate exemplary character in relationships, finances, and lifestyle.

7.     Affirm the Articles of Faith of the Brethren in Christ Church and be 

        submissive to general Church leadership and Conference decisions.


1.     Fulfill the “Duties of Pastors” given in the Manual of Doctrine and 


2.     Faithfully preach and teach the Word of God.

3.     Pray for the congregation, her endeavors and needs.

4.     Chair the Church Board, unless otherwise agreed upon, and provide for 

        administration of the congregation.

5.     Seek to motivate the congregation to holy living, faithful discipleship, and 

        effective outreach.

Appointment and Term of Service

1.     The Pastor will be appointed by the Pastoral Committee under the 

        direction of the Bishop.

2.     Terms of service will be negotiated by the Bishop with the Pastor and 

        Pastoral Committee.

Part-Time Youth Pastor/Director

We are seeking a part-time (15 hours/week) youth pastor to teach and shepherd our youth  (age 12 – 18) to become mature followers of Jesus Christ. We also desire the youth pastor to develop a program to reach youth in the surrounding community in order to minister to the myriad needs in youth culture today.

Experience in youth ministry a plus but not required.

To apply and/or find out further information, contact [email protected].


To provide leadership to the Youth Ministry of the West Side Brethren in Christ Church.


1.   A strong commitment to Christ and the Church.

2.   Desire to see Youth know Christ and grow in Him.

3.   Ability and background to teach the Word, and plan and coordinate Youth 


4.   Ability to relate well with Youth and parents.

5.   Be or become a member of West Side.


1.   Provide overall leadership to the Youth Ministry.

2.   Give leadership to the Wednesday Youth Club program.

3.   Teach Youth Sunday School/VBS, as needed.

4.   Plan periodic Youth activities.

5.   Seek to grow the Youth group through outreach.

6.   Promote service and leadership by Youth within and outside the 


7.   Seek to develop relationships with Youth and parents.

8.   Seek to develop a team of adult helpers.

9.   Shall serve as a member of the Christian Education Committee.

Appointment and Accountability

1.   The Youth Pastor/Director will be appointed by the Church Board upon the 

      recommendation of the Pastor.

2.   The Youth Pastor/Director shall be accountable to the Pastor and serve on 

      the Christian Education Committee.

3.   Time, term of service, and compensation may be negotiated according to 

      ability and service.

The West Side Brethren in Christ Church exists to help people come to know God personally and develop into mature followers of Jesus Christ. We believe the Bible is the divinely inspired, authoritative and reliable Word of God (2 Tim 2:16). We espouse Brethren in Christ Doctrine. See Articles of Faith: https://bicus.org/about/what-we-believe/articles-of-faith-doctrine/revelation-and-scripture/.

Located just west of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, the church was established in 1987 as a church plant by five other Franklin County congregations. Since then the church has grown to 100 members and an average attendance of 120 on Sunday morning.